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Rod Blanks & Fishing Rods

Our rods are packed with technological capabilities from over 40 years of manufacturing rod blanks.

We consult with the customer to create an expertly crafted piece.

All of our fishing poles and rod blanks are made-to-order.

This allows us to produce specialized and unique pieces, providing specific customization, product quality, painting, and more. Rods that are freely maneuverable, rods to make fishing more fun, rods that make a deep impression as you’re fishing...

Not only do we provide small lot production, we can even make single pieces.

Our job is to realize your demands and desired image.

We make original rod blanks, including fly fishing rods, bass rods, lure rods, other various rod blanks, spacer pipe, grip pipe, and more! Whether a business or individual, we provide incredibly flexible support for everything from prototyping and development, secondary processing, mass production, small lot production, maintenance, and repair. Feel free to contact us with any questions via telephone, FAX, or e-mail.

We can print your logos, names, and more!

What are blanks?

Blanks are the core material of the rod, and are made of carbon and glass material. Blanks need to be selected to suit the usage application.

Information on Carbon Material
Rods are created using carbon fiber and resin, which results in a solid pipe shape with no hollow areas, so they can also be shaved. Carbon pipe is lightweight, while being both durable and flexible and boasting excellent properties. It is a highly versatile material.
Generally, fishing rods are carbon, but glass rods have become more common in recent years.
Carbon solid is more flexible than pipe, and is characteristically difficult to break.
Carbon is broadly divided into two categories: low-elasticity carbon and high-elasticity carbon.
Low-Elasticity Carbon: Adhesive Highly bendable.
High-Elasticity Carbon: Highly Sensitive The strong elasticity makes it possible to create lightweight rods. However, the material may break if it is too light.
When making rods, the combination of carbon fiber is designed for the optimal durability and elasticity.
Mixing carbon and glass fiber together brings out the characteristics of both materials, allowing for rods with the optimal degree of adhesiveness.

Information on Glass Material
This glass has an even lower elasticity. This material has a solid pipe shape with no hollow areas. Glass rod pipe is used to make a variety of rods, such as fly fishing rods. The solid material is heavy, boasting excellent durability. It is mainly used for boat fishing, with the rod fixed in place.

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