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FRP Pipe Products

Experienced Artisans Manufacture Lightweight, Strong, and Non-Corrosive FRP

Since 1975, our company has been manufacturing and selling FRP products, producing different types of made-to-order anti-corrosive pipes (small to large diameter tubes) that correspond to various design conditions.

FRP products are known for their lightweight durability and non-corrosive properties. Further, with special characteristics such as excellent heat and weather resistance, and no electric corrosion, this incredibly structured material is widely used.

We can manufacture pipes and rods with an inner diameter starting at 0.45 mm, and an outer diameter up to 80 mm, and a length up to 4,000 mm. Support provided for a variety of sizes.
Contact us for large diameter pipes exceeding Φ80.
*Our centerless grinding supports diameters up to 150mm.

About FRP Pipe

FRP pipe refers to fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP).
This is the name for laminated material made from thermosetting resin reinforced with glass fiber (mainly unsaturated polyester resin or epoxy resin).
Though there are various FRP manufacturing methods, our company uses a sheet winding (SW) method. Compared to the FW method (Filament Winding Process), which is suitable for tubular pieces, the SW method is better for molding small pieces, with highly accurate shaping and high productivity. The use of prepreg (intermediate material) results in a high carbon fiber content (Vf), and ensures that high performance molded parts can be produced. This material is mainly used for golf club shafts, fishing rods, and rolls.
Sheet wound shafts are known for their excellent durability, and the ability to be made lightweight. Production can be carried out with minimal equipment, and the patchwork-style design method allows for a high degree of production freedom.

We manufacture various FRP pipe. Please get in touch with us.

The material can be used for a range of applications to upon receiving your idea. Not only is it used for antenna and other industrial items, we also create Yosakoi flag poles, J-League supporter flag poles, harpoons, walking sticks, ski poles, golf club shafts, gate ball sticks, grand golf shafts, blowgun tubing, archery arrows (shafts), insect collection net frames, laundry poles, high elevation drop bars, and more.
We await your glass and carbon solid (shaved).

Multiple connected glass pipes in a compact state.
Multiple connected carbon pipes in a compact state.
9m Glass Pipe - 11 Pipes Continuously Connected
12m Carbon Pipe - 11 Pipes Continuously Connected
Long Poles (Single)
Painted Pipe
Painted Pipe (2)
Painted Pipe (3)
Painted Pipe (4)
Glass Pipe
Glass Pipe (2)
Slender Carbon Pipe
Carbon Pipe and Glass Pipe
Glass Solids
Glass Solids (2)
Carbon 3K Plain Woven Pipe
Carbon Twill Woven Pipe
Carbon Solid
Carbon Pipe Cut Pieces
Yosakoi Flag Poles (Yosakoi Poles)
We manufacture pipe using a sheet winding production method.

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