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Fishing Rods & FRP Pipe [Fiber Reinforced Plastic] Manufacturing/Limited partnership Himawari


Examples & Applications


We make original rod blanks and FRP pipe! Please get in touch!

Rod Blanks, Fishing Poles: Fly Fishing Rods, Bass Rods, Lure Rods, Other Types of Rod Blanks, Spacer Pipe, Grip Pipe, Etc.

FRP Pipe Products: Shafts, Poles, Antenna Pipe, Gate Barring (Railway Barriers), Flag Poles for Supporters (J-League), Yosakoi Flag Poles (Sticks), Kite Frames, Blowguns, Machine Parts, Harpoons, Walking Sticks (Canes), Handles for Insect Collection Nets, Flag Handles for Various Events, Archery Arrows (Arrow Shafts), Etc.


General Industrial Use

  • GFRP Pipe for Amateur Antennae
  • Car Products, Accessories, Carbon Pipe & GFRP Pipe for Interior Piping
  • Carbon Pipe & Glass Pipe for Car Antennae
  • Various Antennae & Poles
  • Camera Arm
  • Construction Tool Handles
  • Interception Bar
  • Shafts for Walking Sticks (Canes)
  • Straight and Tapered Pipe
  • Carbon Pipe & GFRP Pipe for Various Special Antennae
  • Carbon Pipe for Door Handles
  • Flag Poles
  • Hanging Poles
  • Carbon Pipe for Robotic Arms
  • GFRP Pipe for Cellular Telephone Antennae
  • Carbon Pipe/Glass Pipe/Composite Pipe for Construction
  • Carbon Pipe for Automobile Frames
  • Carbon Pipe and Glass Pipe for Handrails (Outdoor/Indoor)
  • Carbon Pipe & GFRP Pipe for Telescopic Poles (High Altitude Work, Building Work, Electric Work, Telecommunications Work, Observation Work, Construction, Etc.)
  • GFRP Pipe for Boat Antennas

Sports/Leisure/Outdoor Use

  • Archery & Arrows
  • Carbon Pipe for Novelty Products
  • Various Poles/Pipe for Attractions
  • Glass Pipe for Potted Plants and Vegetables
  • Carbon Pipe for Kites (Frames)
  • Paddle Shafts for Canoes and Boats
  • Competitive Fishing Rods
  • Glass Fly Rods & Carbon Rods
  • Shafts for Ground Golf
  • Gateball Shaft
  • Golf Shaft
  • Handles for Insect Collection Nets
  • Fishing Rod Holder Poles
  • Conductor Batons
  • Ski Poles
  • Walking Sticks (Cane)
  • Shafts for Target Bird Golf
  • Shafts for Harpoons
  • Tent Post Frames, Carbon Pipe for Frames & GFRP Pipe
  • Large Fishing Rods for Trawling
  • Carbon Pipes for Drones
  • Flagpoles (Yosakoi Flag Poles, J-League and Baseball Support Flag Poles, Etc.)
  • Billiard Cue Core Material
  • Blow Dart Tubing
  • Carbon Pipe for Remote-Controlled Aircraft Frames
  • Rod Case
  • Carbon Pipe for Man-Powered Aircraft (Japan International Birdman Rally)
  • Various Fishing Rods (Fly Fishing Rods, Casting Rods, Beach Rods, Ship Rods, Jigging Rods, Boat Rods, Flat Sweetfish Rods, Mountain Stream Rods)
  • Carbon Pipe for Model Airplane Frames

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